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  • Obsessive Love Work

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    Please give Miss Sha' the full names and dates of birth of yourself, as well as the target (if there is a target). She will also need photos emailed to her:

    Obsessive Love - 

    What is an obsession?

    Obsession (n.) 'An image, thought, or influence which continually fills or troubles the mind;

    'a compulsive interest or preoccupation, seemingly beyond one's will to control.'

    When Drunk Love doesn't work - when you absolutely, positively want to get inside their head! 

    This conjure is designed to keep your man (or woman) completely enthralled in the thought of you! 24/7 - this working is designed for couple's that are already together - this is NOT to be used to get an ex back, or draw a new lover. 

    A skull candle is poured and prepared for your working. When the candle is finally ready, Miss Sha' will drill holes in the skull, in order to use love binding herbs, oils and resins to boost the obsession. The candle will be burned, over the course of several days. Miss Sha' will also watch the candle and report any notable findings. 

    This conjure is generally quite effective, but it is important to understand that your target may be exceptionally stubborn. The thoughts for you, will be there - but they can, sometimes, ignore them.

    And, caveat here: Just because they are obsessed with you, does NOT mean they will come to you.  Please understand this.  I have known many people in my lifetime that are obsessed with someone, but still marry someone else. 

    And it is also important to understand that obsession-type workings are not healthy - for you, nor your target. Please consider the fact that if you have need of an obsessive-type working, the relationship you are seeking or currently in, is not ideal. There is a problem if you have to 'force' the target to think about you.  In addition, please be careful what you wish for. Obsessive-type workings can go south, quickly - aggressiveness, stalking, or worse. These are the only warnings Miss Sha' will give, as she firmly believes in no judgement - but do know what you are getting into. 

    If you wish to have Miss Sha' perform an Obsessive Love working, she will need the following:

    • Fairly recent photo of the target, show the face and eyes
    • Full name and date of birth of the target
    • Fairly recent photo of you, also showing face and eyes
    • Your full name and date of birth
    • Your petition - your words why this work is important
    • Please send all information to Miss Sha' at:
    • Miss Sha’ does most workings on Saturdays. Your working will be completed within 2-3 weeks (on a Saturday), depending upon how busy she is. She also needs the necessary above information no later than NOON on Wednesday, if she is to try to fit it in the following Saturday. No exceptions.