Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Monthly Working Kit - July (Safe Travels)


    Each month, Inexplicable Things provides a unique monthly working that is shared within their spiritual community as a group working.  Many clients and viewers have expressed desire to purchase the items that Mr. Kelly and Miss Sha' use each month, in a kit form.

    The items in each kit will include things like oils, powders, loose herbs, candles, gemstones, etc.  

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    These workings are live feeds posted to their Facebook community: The Swamp - One Tribe. 

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    July means summer is here! And many folks will travel - so let's focus on Safe Travels for self, family, friends and pets this month!

    July's kit will include:

    • 1/4 oz Miss Sha's Safe Travels Oil

    • 1 - Yellow Votive Candle

    suggested use:

    Focus on your summer plans and any travel that you and your family/friends or even pets, intend to do.  Also keep in mind that unexpected travel does happen.  

    Dress the yellow votive with the oil. Dress photos of any family, friends or pets that will be traveling. If you wish, write out a quick little petition, being thankful for the safety of you and your family as you move about and enjoy all that summer has to offer. Place the photos and/or petition under the candle. 

    Place the candle on a heatproof surface (a plate, a tin, candle holder) and allow it to burn. 

    When the votive is finished, gather up the left over remnants of the spell - wax and the photo/petition - and bury it on your own property, or better yet, place it in a bag and place in your own trash. This keeps the energies around you, in your own space, as is the modern equivalent of burying on your property. If you feel like it, keep a tiny piece of the wax in small pouch and place in somewhere inside your car. This will help keep you safe this summer. 

    Alternative uses: use the oil to anoint the steering wheel of your car, a backpack that your kids carry with them, tags that your pets wear. Also, if you wish (and are not sensitive to oils), feel free to dab a bit of this oil on your third eye or pulse points before you travel. 

    Keep any remaining oil for any future workings involving safety and travel.