Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Monthly Working Kit - April (Pet/Animal Blessing)


    Each month, Inexplicable Things provides a unique monthly working that is shared within their spiritual community as a group working.  Many clients and viewers have expressed desire to purchase the items that Mr. Kelly and Miss Sha' use each month, in a kit form.

    The items in each kit will include things like oils, powders, loose herbs, candles, gemstones, etc.  

    Be sure to visit each month, to check out the newest kit for the group working!

    These workings are live feeds posted to their Facebook community: The Swamp - One Tribe. 

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    April’s group working is all about the critters! Your own pets, strays, critters that have suffered at the hands of an abuser – you name it.

    April's kit will include:

    • 1/4 oz Pet Protection & Blessing Oil (Custom Blend from Miss Sha’)

    • 1 – White Cat Candle or 1 White Votive (your choice)

    Suggested Use:
    Focus on the pet(s) you wish to bless. If you have a photo, be sure and add it to the working. Dress the candle and the photo with the oil, then place it under or near the candle. As you do this, visualize a soft white light surrounding the pet(s). If they are your pets or you know their name, say them out loud. Light the candle.
    Once lit, say the following blessing:
    “Bast of grace and beauty,
    Protectress of all the animal race.
    Shield my pet(s) (say names) from all harm and hurt.
    Keep my animal warm and safe always.
    Watch over my pet(s) (say names again) from day to day and at night.
    If my pet goes astray, grant them happiness –
    And Oh great Goddess, please keep them safe from all harm.
    Let them quickly find his/her way back to me, quickly.
    Let my pet have a life that is stress free and no strife.”


    Another blessing uses the wording:
    ‘Spirt of fire, burning bright,
    Give protection to my pet this night.
    The moon above, for this pet please,
    Provide shelter and keep them safe from harm.
    Draw close all spirits of the same,
    As my Pet come hither, come hither.
    Power of the wild and of strength that is so great,
    Please help to defend and protect the fate of my pet.”


    You can also tweak any of these to include ALL animals, everywhere. Miss Sha’ does something very similar for abused animals. She does a lot of work against animal abusers.

    Remember, just always speak from the heart – be direct, honest.