Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - The "Benjamins" - Money Drawing


    Fixed Money-Drawing Candle –

    It's all about the Benjamins, baby!! 

    This green candle is designed to help draw money and prosperity into your life. It can be used to increase household funds, get a raise or promotion, play the lottery, lower bills, and finalize a settlement or offer. If it's related to financial issues - this is the candle you've been looking for! 

    This awesome candle is a unique and aggressive spell candle that can help get your bills paid! With positive intent, focus, and realistic expectations, this is THE money candle! Mo' Money, Mo Money!

    The candle is green – which is, of course, the obvious color choice for money candles! Green is the color of Abundance, Prosperity, Good Health, Luck, Fertility and Success. Be clear in your intent and you can shoot for the stars! 

    Each green conjure candle is anointed with our #1 bestselling Money Oil: Fast Cash Oil (Found Here), which has seen a wide success in both quick cash, as well as at the casino! We then blend cut/sifted whole herbs, magnetic sand and our Crown of Success Powder (Found Here), to create a one-of-a-kind prosperity bath. The anointed candles are dipped in this hot bath to create a unique coating on the candle.   

    The candle also is adorned with a small charm that is symbolic of prosperity or money. Feel free to remove the charm prior to burning – but many will leave the charm attached. The charm is symbolic of the money coming your way! Keep it as an altar piece, add it to a gris gris, tie a string around it and hang it in your car – there are many things you can do with the charm!

    (Charms may vary in size and style)

    Large - approximately 6" tall x 1.5" wide



    • ·         These candles are NOT designed to be lit and burned completely in one setting. They are designed to be burned for a   specific amount of time each night, and extinguished after each burning. If you choose to burn in one setting, understand that it is not advised to leave the candle unattended.
    • ·         Burning for long periods of time can super-heat the wax and cause very wonky burnings.
    • ·         The herbal coating on the candle can also create odd burns.
    • ·         In addition, if you choose to keep the charm attached to the candle, you will need to watch the candle very closely – the string holding the charm can ignite and fall off of the candle.
    • ·         It is NEVER wise or safe to burn candles, unattended!
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