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Lover Return Work

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Ahh, yes, good ol' Lover Return Work - 
Here is the thing - the problem with Lover Return/Reconciliation spells is that they are very, very touchy. There are reasons that work such as this are troublesome to professional workers:
A. This person is an ex - and you must understand that you cannot go back. You cannot say, 'I just want what we had back' - that is impossible. You CANNOT have the relationship you had. You may be able to have a new relationship, but you will not have what you had, not exactly. An EX is an EX, usually for a reason.
B. Something was broken within the relationship, otherwise, you wouldn't have split up, right? So until whatever it was that was broken is fixed, you will struggle in another relationship with that person. It's a cycle.
C. Most folks make excuses for certain types of behavior. STOP making excuses . . . for your own behavior, as well as theirs - just realize the truth.
D. True lover return/reconciliation work is HARD. It takes a great deal of work on your part. Most workers do their part, but if the work is not done on your part, the reconciliation easily fails. Do NOT blame the worker!
E. Spirit trumps ALL. IF your very own ancestors do not believe this person is right for you - no amount of metaphysical work will bring them back for good. Sorry, Miss Sha' ain't gonna argue with your great-great Granny over this. 
It is our experience that if you choose this particularly working, you will very likely be right back here - where you are today - within a year. The cycle is almost always destined to repeat itself unless you take additional action and fix what I spoke of above. Our recommendation is that you use our Reconciliation Kit (FOUND HERE) and disregard this particular working altogether. But we know that we cannot control what you do or what you want, just like we cannot guarantee that you will fully read and comprehend this complete description. 

Lover Return Work does just that: attempts to return a lover/significant other, AS IS, in the exact same situation that caused the break up in the first place. 

If you feel that you must continue with this working, despite our warnings and recommendations, then please send Miss Sha' the following items:

  • A recent photo of yourself, clearing showing your face
  • A recent photo of the target, clearing showing the face/eyes
  • Full names of both
  • Dates of birth of both
  • Please email this information and order number to:

Please understand, just because this working is done by a professional worker, there is ZERO guarantee that it will change anything. And please understand, this working can take several months to complete. Each relationship is different. Some photos are sent, but not all. Miss Sha’ will check with you to see how things are progressing. Please be patient with this working.