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  • Lover Return Working

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    Lover Return Work - 

    One of the most painful experiences that many folks deal with is having someone you love walk out of your life. Many times, this love you feel doesn’t simply go away. We sometimes see the error of our own ways which may have led to this person leaving – or it could be through no fault of our own. Either way, it’s a painful torture that we go through.

    The love doesn’t simply go away overnight…no matter how much we may tell ourselves it should. With many spells to return a love, you find that the old problems are no longer an issue. You can fall in love with this person all over again. This working will connect you in a new way, but is based upon the love and connection that you have already felt. It makes the target keenly aware of thoughts and feelings that they already possess and forces them to come to terms with these feelings. It is not meant to bend their will, only reconnect your hearts.

    This working is for returning a lost love, someone whose love for you was strong, but attempts at reconciliation have failed. Success has always been great with this working, but sometimes, it can take a bit to manifest. It often starts slow - with a text or phone call, but they DO miss you and think about you. When that text or phone call comes - be sure you do your part! 

    This is designed to be a 7 day full working.  

    ** Also - please note - this working requires you come to Miss Sha' with a recent reading by a reputable worker to find out if this working is even possible. Believe me, it will save you time and money to know before! **

    For this particular working, Miss Sha’ will need:

    • Outcome of most recent reading 
    • A small lock of your hair
    • A paper, written in your own handwriting, with both of your names written on it.
    • Full name(s) of the target.
    • Birth Dates of the people involved.
    • Photos (full face showing the eyes).

    Maybe you can create a new happy ending to your story!