Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch

Love Rice


Pink Love Rice 

This amazing pink rice is a traditional hoodoo magickal item, and is used commonly in the New Orleans hoodoo traditions, as well as several forms of Gypsy magick. I use different blends of colored rice for a variety of spell works, and it has become a staple for work I perform on a client's behalf. 

This particular rice helps bring about sweet love, sensual attraction, open and loving communication when used routinely in gris gris, voodoo dolls, as well as being sprinkled around your bedroom. I have asked clients to carry it in their pockets when going on dates, or frequently locations where they hoped to meet someone of interest. I have had women make a small sachet and pin inside their bra. I have had men sprinkle some in the fabric inside of a ball cap when they new they would be seeing someone of interest. Works like a charm!! 

It is also a must-have for folks going on blind dates! 

This particular blend of rice is mixed with just a hint of several well-known love drawing herbal powders that we use here, as well as being charged on my working altar.

1/2oz glass tube 


NOT for Consumption.