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    Matched Pair of Large Lodestones -

    So just what is a lodestone?

    Well, it’ magnetic magnetite. (And no, not all magnetite is magnetic!) So, really, they are just natural magnets.

    In folk magick traditions, lodestones are commonly used for attraction magick – primarily money and love.  For drawing money or financial success, you would carry one in a prosperity mojo, pouch or even your purse. I actually have one on my altar that I feed regularly.

    In love magick, it’s best to have a matched set of lodestones (stones that fit together or seem highly attracted to each other.)  The energies and shapes can be both masculine or feminine and depending upon the type of love interest you are hoping to draw determines the matched pair that would be right for you. You can also carry these in a love mojo, or you can name them and slowly move them closer together, a lot like a moving setting of lights type working. Each day as you move them closer, the attraction will eventually take over and they will stick together once they meet.

    • Lodestone Care:  And like most folk magick curios, they have spirit – so it is important to care for your lodestone by properly ‘feeding’ it. The best thing to feed them is tiny bits of iron shavings and magnetic sand.  Since they attract iron, you can also place pins and nails around your lodestone.
    • If you are not going to keep your lodestones in a mojo or pouch, it’s best to give them a pretty dish to call home. Give them something non-metallic – like copper, ceramic or wood. It is believed that if they are stored in something metallic, over time, their energy could be leached out.

    • From time to time, it is also important to clean your lodestones. Do NOT use water – as this will cause your lodestones to rust over time. Many practitioners that I know will use smudging/smoke and/or leaving them out under a full moon.  I was taught to use whiskey. Wipe them down with a cloth dipped in some whiskey.

    One last word – do not repurpose your lodestones. Once the work is done, or you no long wish to use them for a particular love, release their spirit by thanking it and then bury the lodestone – returning it to the Earth.

    This listing is for a matched pair. Both lodestones are considered large - approximately 1.5". We have also included about 1oz of lodestone food in each package. 

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