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Lodestone Food

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Lodestone Food -

Lodestone food is not just magnetic sand – it can be a combination of very fine magnetized iron filings, along with actual magnetic sand. Our lodestone food comes from a natural source in Utah and is a combination of both. You can actually feel, see and smell the difference between this lodestone food and today’s mass marketed ‘magnetic sand’.

This food can be used in magick ritual work to ‘feed’ your lodestone(s) – to attract something to you, or to maintain the magnetism and power of your lodestone.

  • (Miss Sha's Tips/Tricks: Did you know that lodestones are actually a better choice than most honey jars?! They often possess more power to attract a person or money to you!!) 

It can also be used as a component to mojo bags, or other workings, to add power and attraction/magnetism to the work. Lodestone food is sometimes found in oils, such as Lucky Streak or many gambling oils.

This is for a 1oz (by volume) bag of lodestone food.

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