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  • Limited Edition Soy Candles

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    Limited Edition Soy Candles

    From time to time, Miss Sha' is asked to make fun sets of different fragrances for gatherings, events and the like. Most times, she only makes enough to sell out - but sometimes, she has some left over. 

    These are the left overs from each batch - so they smell just like her candle shop. Sooo many fragrances. . .layers and layers! And each layer is charged for different purposes! These fun candles are a great way to bring some excitement into your life! 

    She has added a bonus blessing to bring happiness to the home. Nothing more witchy than that for these. 


    *  All Candles are 100% soy, and come in a 4oz travel tin  *

    * Fragrances, colors and stones will vary! *