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  • Life Sucks (for him or her)

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    Ohhh this conjure, chere - it's a good one! 

    Think of the Midas Touch, except in reverse. 

    You see, Lucky Midas - everything he touched, turned to Gold!

    But with your target - everything he touches will turn to shit! 

         No Luck

         No Charm

         No Success

         No Nothing - but Shit! 

    This working is designed to manifest slowly - you put the energies out there and let them be. 

    For this working, we will need:

    • A petition - your words of what you wish to happen. Just a few sentences.
    • Full name(s) of the target
    • Birthdate(s) of the target (if known)
    • Photo of the target - full face - showing the eyes