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  • Handmade Leather Tarot Card Case

    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Handmade Leather Tarot Card Cases - 

    Ohhh Cher! - look at these tarot card holders! 

    These are made by the one and only, Buzz Baird - professional saddlemaker and leathercraft extraordinaire! He also happens to be Miss Sha's dad! 

    These little gems are the perfect fit for standard size or large decks of tarot. 

    If you need a case for a small or mini deck, please let me know. We make those too!

    These are soft, supple and will keep your cards protected. There is enough room in the holder to wrap them in a thin cloth or piece of fabric. Some have key holes or holes near the edge to help push the cards up and out the top of the holder. They all feature concho-style snaps or magnetic snaps that are perfect for this.  

    More colors to come, along with some more customizable options. 

    If you have a choice of concho style, feel free to ask. Or a color of leather. 

    Again, these are made by hand, and are made to order. 

    Once your order is placed, please allow 3 weeks before your item is ready. 

    We just need the measurements of your beloved cards - and we will do the rest! 

    If any item is out of stock, please reach out to Miss Sha' - she can place a new order for a particular color.