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  • Leather Medicine Bags


    Leather Medicine Bags - 

    It is believed that Medicine Bags offer powerful healing to the wearer - and is a tradition in Native American, Nordic and many other tribal cultures. These bags are perfect for storing herbal medicines, smoking blends, coins or jewelry. They are also perfect for crystals, stones, shells and such! Keep your treasures close. 

    Genuine handmade leather Medicine Bag with colored leather cord closure. Super soft calf/deer/pigskin/buckskin. 

    These little gems are adorable! And highly versatile. Measures approximately 1.75 inches by 1.25 inches when opened.  

    Colors available are:

    • Earth tones
    • Grey
    • Blues
    • Reds
    • Greens
    • White
    • Orange

    These are handmade by my father, Buzz Baird. He has been doing leather work for close to 70 years and is an old school cowboy, by trade. He knows a thing or two about good quality leather. These bags are perfect for safekeeping your small treasures and still keeping to the folk magick philosophy. Nothing mass produced - these are done, one at a time, by his hands. 

    I will soon be offering these as custom mojos! 

    Buzz will gladly consider custom bags of bright colors - so let me know if you need something special! 

    Have a store of your own, we have Wholesale options available!