Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch

Law Keep Away Conjure Powder


Law Keep Away Conjure Powder:  
This blend is for those needing to be secretive, much like any Secrecy Powder

The old saying, ‘mind your own beeswax’ is just what this oil does. Sometimes your business just shouldn’t be anyone else’s business and such dealings should be kept from prying eyes. 

Now, this powder, although deals primarily with the law and business dealings – it can also be used in hush hush conjures. Need to do a little work on your boss? How about your man or woman? Need to do something on the sly - this powder is perfect for use business! 

1/2oz glass tubes with a tight-fitting cork. 

Settling is a natural occurrence. 

The powders are already quite well-blended, but you may want to shake them around a bit.