Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Keep 'Em Faithful Oil


    Keep ‘em Faithful Conjure Oil: 

    This is our version of Stay With Me Oil - made with an old family recipe that includes herbs like anise, bay and others - that are specifically designed to keep your man (or woman) faithful! 

    This recipe does contain a few secret ingredients that were, long ago, known for their ability to keep a mate from wandering or straying - and keep their eyes and thoughts focused solely on you! 

    Oil comes in convenient size: 1/2 oz glass bottle

     Recommended for external use only. 

    Suggested Uses: 

    The uses for this oil are varied. Depends on how well you know your man (or woman). You can rub a drop or two on your hands, then touch the back of his/her neck before they leave the house each morning. You can dress a candle or their photo with the oil. Add a drop to their shower gel or shampoo - just a drop or two though - too much of this oil can thin out some products and make the runny. You can use a drop inside their shoes. A single drop of this oil, along with one of your own pubic hairs, and place inside the coin pocket of their jeans - and lawd have mercy, they will be thinking about you non stop! Be sneaky, babies - remember - out of necessity - do what you gotta do!