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Keep 'Em Faithful Candle Work

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Keep ‘em Faithful Candle Work –

This candle working is designed specifically to keep your lover faithful to you and you alone. 

It works in much the same way as the Erectile Dysfunction or Tainted Twat but is more geared towards keeping them faithful and semi-bound to you. 

Miss Sha’s Keep ‘Em Faithful candle working might be just the right thing!  First, she will hand pour a pair of sexual candles – one for you, one for your target. Then, they will be loaded and dressed with the appropriate oils, powders and sometimes stones. The candles will then be chanted over and worked. Finally, they will be bound together and lit – watched closely for however long the burning takes.  

To help answer a few questions: This working will usually manifest within a week or two. It has been seen to last 3-5 months – not a permanent working. This is a candle burning, very much like a setting of lights.  You will have to do your part in keeping your partner faithful to you, as well. You must treat them according to how you would want to be treated.

Word of caution: depending upon how susceptible your target it to magickal manipulation, this can sometimes cause a few issues. If they are already messing around with others, this working may not manifest the way you want it to.  If you have done an Erectile Dysfunction working in the past 3 months, this working will also not manifest the way you are hoping.  The working should NOT be combined with the Erectile Dysfunction work!   

If you are more interested in teaching your man a lesson and are okay with a break in the bedroom, then perhaps an Erectile Dysfunction candle working is what you need.  Please see the ED work listing, found HERE.

For this working, Miss Sha' will need the following: (please email:

  • Photo of the target

  • Full Name & Date of Birth

  • Petition in your own words of what you hope to gain from this working
  • Miss Sha’ does most workings on Saturdays. Your working will be completed within 2-3 weeks (on a Saturday) depending upon how busy she is.  She also needs the necessary information no later than noon on Wednesday, if she is to try to fit it in the following Saturday.