Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Hot Foot Powder


    Hot Foot Powder

    Ohh, Chile - This right here... this is special. This is Mr. Kelly's signature blend of all things 'Back the Hell Up'! 

    This is, perhaps, one of the most widely used, most well-known, and most traditional items used in conjure. While everyone’s recipe is different – there are a few things that any “good” Hot Foot should have: all manner of hot chilies, sulfur and graveyard dirt. Now, there are additions you blend in to make it more powerful/potent, of course, but these are the keys. Mr. Kelly's signature recipe is no different in this respect – our secret ingredients though – will blow ‘em right outta the water! It’s good stuff!

    I have seen Hot Foot powders of varying colors, varying consistencies – but the best can be used without a trace. For this reason, our Hot Foot powder is the same color as dirt – pretty close to the same consistency, too. It can easily be hidden when employing foot track magick, especially since this is the entire principle behind Hot Foot powder! Believe me… your target won’t know what hit ‘em!

    • ·         Make people go away
    • ·         Make enemies leave you alone
    • ·         Drive unwanted away/out of your life

    For more information on how to use Hot Foot Powder, please visit my facebook page: InXplicableThings!

    * Hot Foot now comes in a corked glass vial - new photos coming soon! *