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  • Soy - Hissy Fit Conjure Candle


    ‘Hissy Fit’ - Soy Candle

    Hissy Fit is part of our Conjure-in-a-Can line.

    The Urban Dictionary describes a Hissy Fit as:

    ‘Hissy Fit – used to describe an adult tantrum, but has now become an equal opportunity description, young or old, male or female. What they all have in common is not matter how severe the (alleged) offense, there is always some wounded pride involved, and usually an audience of bystanders along with the culprit who allegedly triggered the hissy.’

    Did you just experience a hissy fit?!

    Don’t get your panties in a twist – light this candle and chill!

    This candle was originally designed to help flip the Bitch Switch back to the “OFF” position – and allow you to calm the hell down!   

    It also has been used to calm unruly children, autistic outbursts, anger, and many other sudden onsets of emotion that can leave you feeling drained.

    So take a breath – light your damn candle – rub your earlobes and say “Woooosahhhh” –

    Things to know about our soy Conjure-in-a-Can container candles:

    •  All containers are 4oz - which will give you approximately 35-45 hours of burn time*

    • ·         Burn times are approximate. Proper burning of soy candle is listed below.

    • ·         100% All-Natural, Cruelty-Free Soy Candles

    • ·         Blended with some of the highest quality botanicals, herbs and our own personal oils

    • ·         Colors will very – no two batches ever come out quite the same. Colors can range from light pale purple to deep violet or plum.  

    • ·         Soy candles can often ‘frost’ or turn white around the edges. This is common and does not affect the burning or the fragrance of your candle at all.

    • ·         Blend is also available in a soy melting tart for cube style warmers.


    >> How to Burn Soy Container Candles - You do NOT burn a soy candle like you would a paraffin candle. Soy wax candles in containers are meant to be burned until a large wax pool forms, then extinguish. Give the wax time to reharden. Once it has hardened, you can repeat the process. Burning a soy candle in this manner will give you the maximum burn time, with the best fragrance throw. It will often increase the life of the candle, as well.  Burn times will be approximate. 


    >>  Also – please understand that soy container candles are NOT meant to be burned non-stop, or for hours on end. Extended periods of burn time can superheat the container/tin and become a fire hazard! ALWAYS burn soy containers on a heat-proof surface to avoid damaging tables, etc. Be sure to trim the pig-tail wick, BEFORE lighting!