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  • Green Fairy Oil - Limited Supply

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    The mysterious, intoxicating, and often mind-altering 19th century drink, known as Absinthe is the inspiration behind this formula.  Many apothecaries produce a formula that is based around the Wormwood essence, the very same as the drink. Combine this with a handful of other amazingly powerful botanicals, and the result is a wonderfully beautiful oil, that provides enhanced medium-ship as well as increased psychic visions.  This oil can help achieve deeper trance-like states, vivid dreams and heightened clarity. 

    One key thing that some oil makers don’t do, is awaken the spirit within. Any time absinthe is created, the spirit of the absinthe must be awoken in order to benefit from herbs. This is the same for drink, as well as the oil. Our Green Fairy Oil has had the spirit awakened! The oil comes blessed and charged.

    Suggested use:

    As with all of Inexplicable Things’ oils, feel free to use them as you see fit.  There truly is no single ‘right’ way to use an oil. We do, however, recommend using a few drops of this oil on your hands before you use your tarot cards or any divination tool. You can also use it before working/speaking to the ancestors. Use it before any necromancy work.  If you wish to reach someone that has passed, dress a white candle with the oil before lighting. I have also had clients tell me in the past that they used this oil before they began an artistic endeavor – as absinthe was the Green Fairy or Green Goddess that was chased by starving artists for several centuries!

    Oil comes in a convenient 1oz glass bottle with a dropper.