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Graveyard Dirt

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Graveyard Dirt 

Graveyard dirt is literally dirt, dust or soil that is taken from a specific type of grave or location, within a graveyard.  Dirt of this nature is a widely known ingredient for a variety of products, through a variety of traditions. The range of uses for such dirts are vast. 

The dirt that Miss Sha' collects is 100% natural.  (I find it funny that we have to include this, but you would be surprised at the number of people that sell plain ol' dirt and pass it off as graveyard dirt.) Miss Sha's dirts are all hand-collected, using a method that was passed down for many generations. Proper requests are made, energy exchanged and offerings are made - to ensure that the spirits are accepting to the dirts being taken and used. Once the dirt is collected and dried, it is then hand-sifted to remove any excess debris. 

The dirts that Inexplicable Things' offers is collected from a variety of locations that spans about 5 states; however, most comes directly from Louisiana graveyards.

The location of where, inside the graveyard the dirt is collected, is just as important as the type of grave it is collected from. 

Inexplicable Things currently offers dirts from:

  • Entrance - use when you require strong and powerful protection. It provides a unique sense of strong guardianship. When this dirt is sprinkled around your home or business, it will help keep unwelcome spirits and guests away. 

  • Back Fence - use when a working requires an element of despair and sorrow. Often forgotten and ignored, dirt from this location can help to add misery to any revenge working.

  • Crossroads within the graveyard - use when you need divination or are working on devotional issues. Good for ancestor veneration. Will also help to open roads. Some crossroads in graveyards are 4-way crossroads. It can be used for the above, but also to help create confusion and seek revenge.  

  • L.E.O or Police - use when you seek justice or swift action, honesty, truth. There is also an element of protection with this dirt. Counter uses for this dirt can get someone caught in the act of something they shouldn't be doing. 

  • Judges/Lawyers - use when you wish to have success in court. Also can be used in road openers. Counter uses can cause issues with another's court case, anti-justice! 

  • Soldier/Military Personnel - use when you need elements of courage, bravery, selflessness. Problem-solving, self preservation, secrecy, covert operations. Dirt from a soldiers grave can also force others to obey orders. 

  • Baby/Infant - use in fertility magick (for conception, but also abortion). This dirt will also bring elements of peace, innocence and can even be used to create peace within a home or relationship.

  • Priest/Clergy - use for protective purposes, as well as spiritual guidance and clarification. Enlightenment, higher powers and letting go of painful things. 

  • Young Adult - use for romance, new relationships, sexual attraction.  Counter uses can include causing someone to be irresponsible, lack of accountability, excessive behaviors, etc.  

  • Lovers/Married Couple - use for longevity and deep understanding. Allowance and acceptance. 

  • Doctor/Midwife/Nurse - use this dirt of matters of treating illness and healing. Counter uses, however, can also cause illness. 

  • Executed/Murderer - use for jinxing and hexing, most revenge works, inflicting harm. This dirt can be difficult to come by.  Use this dirt to influence others, but understand that using such dirt can be potentially dangerous. (Subject to availability) 

  • Gambler - use for mojo hands and workings to increase luck, especially when gambling. Great dirt for new business owners, too. (Subject to availability)

  • Cheating spouse - use for love triangles, forcing someone to choose between two lovers. This dirt can also be used in workings to catch a cheating spouse, or cause someone's spouse to cheat. (Subject to availability)

  • Adult - use this dirt as an all purpose graveyard dirt. Can bring wisdom, maturity. 


If you have a specific request for a location, please let Miss Sha' know. 

Dirt comes in a 1/2 oz glass vial with tight-fitting cork.