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Graveyard Dirt - Entrance


Graveyard Dirt

Graveyard dirt is literally dirt, dust or soil that is taken from a grave at a cemetery. This type of dirt is a widely known ingredient for a variety of products, through a variety of traditions. The range of uses for such dirts are vast. 

The dirt that we provide is 100% natural, hand-collected, using a very traditional method. It is then hand-sifted to remove any excess debris. 

We gather all of our dirts from various cemetery locations spanning 4 states - with most coming from Louisiana graveyards. We also collect from different locations around each cemetery, for specific purposes. The location of where, inside the cemetery the dirt is collected, is just as important as the type of grave it is collected from. 

The dirt in this particular listing is from a cemetery ENTRANCE

Entrance/gateway dirt is perfect to use when you require strong and powerful protection. It provides a unique sense of strong guardianship. When this dirt is sprinkled around your home or business, it will help keep unwelcome spirits and guests away. 

If you have a specific request for a location, please let Miss Sha' know. 

Dirt comes in a 1/2 oz glass vial with tight-fitting cork.