Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Goofer Dust


    Goofer Dust

    Most folks that are involved with anything remotely tied to Southern Folk Magick have a small understanding of what Goofer Dust is. I did say ‘Most’.

    How well do you know what it is . . . and better yet, how well do you know what it does?

    Traditionally, this powder is known for its malicious intent. It can be used to hex enemies and cause profound loss and difficulty. It has been purported to cause swelling in the extremities, stomach troubles, difficulty breathing, unexplained blindness, chronic illness, even death.

    Genuine Goofer Dust is no joke! 

    Let me say that again . . .  Goofer Dust IS NO Joke!!

    And it’s often a quick go-to for folks that do not know any better. This is not something that should be used often. It’s not what you want to use when someone pisses you off and you want retribution. 

    Goofer Dust is serious business – it demands respect in its use.

    I can tell you in all my years of doing conjure work, I have probably used honest-to-goodness Goofer Dust about 3 times. After long evaluation of the circumstances and only after exhausting every other avenue available. And these instances were life and death situations, without any level of exaggeration. So when I tell you it’s use is NOT to be taken lightly, this Swamp Witch is serious. If you cannot physically see yourself walking up to your target, putting a gun to their head and pulling the trigger - then do NOT opt for this product. 

    It’s important to understand that Goofer Dust, once scattered, will affect anyone using or walking in that space. So be painstakingly careful when deploying this dust.

    There are a million recipes for this well-known blend – but a few things are common, and required for the blend to be effective. Bones, graveyard dirt, snakesheds, sulfur, just to name a few. Without them, you just have dirt. And there are NO substitutes! Not with Goofer Dust! Our dust has all of this, and so many more things!

    With something this strong . . . we must offer the cautionary statements . . .  use with CARE & CAUTION.

    While it is 100% organic – DO NOT Ingest this stuff! 

    DO NOT Inhale this stuff! 

    DO NOT use inside/conjure area/altar space. 

    When blended together, the ingredients produce a super-fine powder that will be nearly undetectable – but it’s easily airborne! 

    Please note – this powder only comes in a small dram vial, much like many of our more powerful and serious powders. Believe me that will be more than enough for a handful of uses!

    1/4 oz glass vial

    Settling is a natural occurrence.


    Use with CAUTION!

    EXTERNAL use only!