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  • Garlic Bane Hex

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    The Garlic Bane Hex 

    Suffer in an empty space,

    Living at a slow snail's pace.

    Nothing works, nothing gains,

    I cast on you, lots of pain . . . 

    This conjure spell is to capture someone's energy and put their life on hold.

    It doesn't cause any real harm, but they won't be able to really get anything accomplished until it's broken or you end the hex.

    Miss Sha' uses garlic, wood ash, graveyard dirt and a few other choice ingredients to work this conjure. 

    She will also create a sigil for your specific work which will be worked for several days. As the ink fades off of the paper, the curse begins to manifest and gain in strength. 

    Miss Sha' will need a photo of the target, as well as their date of birth, full name, and what it is that they have been doing to cause you grief and stress. Please send this information to her: