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  • Fertility Mojo Bag


    Fertility/Pregnancy Handmade Leather Mojo Bag - 

    Miss Sha' has been asked lately to make some more of her amazingly successful little Fertility mojo bags. Since 2012, any time Miss Sha' has made a bag for someone, they got pregnant . . . twice even before the bag arrived! 

    They contain a variety of beneficial fertility inspiring and feminine energy stones - all to help you get back in touch with Mother Earth. Miss Sha' also incorporates several curios for increased estrogen, divine intervention, and spiritual protection! 

    These little bags contain a mini-gris gris inside with at least 3 protective herbs and dirts. There are also multiple curios and roots that are designed to both assist with fertility, and successful union, but also to provide protection and energies to ease many child birth issues. The bag itself is hand made from genuine leather - brown or tan, for stability, grounding and representing Mother Earth and her energies. (Handmade by Miss Sha's daddy - professional leathersmith!)  

    The little bag will come with instructions for adding your own personal affects to the bag. Then simply carry it with you, around your neck - or hang in your car, or somewhere in your home. 

    Miss Sha' is also including a pink fertility candle, fixed with all the proper herbs and oils - It is hand-poured, charged, and finally, blessed.   While green is the most recognizable color for fertility - pink is the color of caring, nuturing - like Mother Nature, as well as healing, deep and tender love, and trust. Burn this candle as you work through the little spell that will be included with your kit, and then for several days afterwards.   

    At this time, Miss Sha' only has 6 of these little mojo bags - but hopefully, will have more in the near future.  She will accept orders for more - however, please be aware that there may be a 14 - 21 day waiting period in order to have your bag ready to ship. 

    If you have any questions, please email Miss Sha'. 

    Included in this listing:
    • Brown/Tan Leather Mojo Bag - filled with herbs, curio, stones, etc.
    • Fertility Spell Instructions
    • Fixed Pink Conjure Candle