Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - Female Figural


    Female Figural Candle 


    While these candles are great for any type of candle working, they are most often associated with Rootwork and Hoodoo. They are another form of sympathetic magick – representing a specific person. With a name carved onto the chest, or personal affects loaded into the candle – they can easily be just as effective as a doll baby/poppet.


    Female candles, obviously, can represent the female aspect in love, sex or passion spells. They are also often used for healing, protection, road opening, and a variety of baneful workings.


    One of the most effective ways to use these candles is to dress them with appropriate oils and powders for your condition. You can do this yourself, or Miss Sha’ will be happy to dress them for you.


    These male figurals are roughly: 7” x 2”


    Miss Sha’ offers Figural Candles (both male and female) in the following colors:


    ·         Black:  Enemy work, crossing/cursing, break-ups/arguments, causing confusion, jinxing

    ·         Red:  Sex/Lust, Strength/Vitality, Come to Me Work, Seduction/Attraction

    ·         White: Cleansings, Healing, Protection

    ·         Green: Financial Issues/Business Success, Luck, Growth/Fertility, New Beginnings

    ·         Purple: Personal Power, Control over Others, Domination, Diviniation

    ·         Blue: Peaceful Home, Happiness and Harmony, Reconciliation, Healing, Summoning

    ·         Orange: Road Opener, Joy, Uplifting Spirits

    ·         Other colors available upon request