Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - Female Figure Single Color


    Female Figural Candles - Single Color -

    (If you are looking for a two-colored candle, please click HERE)

    Figural candles are the perfect addition to most workings. They are a great way to apply sympathetic magick – representing a specific person. When used properly, they can be nearly as effective as an action poppet or doll baby. Simply carve the name of your target into the chest or add personal affects to the base of the candle.

    Female candles, obviously, can represent the female aspect in love, sex or passion spells. However, they are also often used for healing works, protection, road opening and a variety of baneful workings.

    One of the best ways to use these candles is to dress/fix them with the appropriate oils and powders for your condition. You can do this yourself, or Miss Sha’ will be happy to dress them for you.

    These female figural candles are roughly: 7” x 2”

    Miss Sha’ offers Figural Candles (both male and female) in the following colors:

    • Black: Baneful works, Crossing and Cursing, Break-ups and Arguments, Confusion, Jinxing, Ending of Relationships and Contracts

    • Blue: Happy Home, Harmony, Reconciliation, Healing, Summoning Entities

    • Green: Financial Issues and Business Success, Luck, Growth, New Beginnings, Fertility

    • Grey: Letting Go, Overcoming Depression

    • Orange: Road Opener, Joy and Well Being, Uplifting Spirits

    • Pink: Sweet and Gentle Love, Friendships, Deep Connections

    • Purple: Personal Power, Control over Others, Domination, Divination

    • Red: Sex and Lust, Strength and Vitality, Come to Me Work, Seduction and Strong Attraction, Passion

    • White: Cleansings, Healings, Protection, Spiritual Issues

    • Yellow: Communications, Knowledge Retention and Focus, Emotional Stability and Health, Staying Positive

    Other colors available upon request

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