Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch

Fast Cash Conjure Powder


Rollin' In the Dough - Quick Cash Conjure Powder: 

Fast cash is what you need - be it for a utility bill, a doctor bill, to send to a family member in need ... doesn't matter. This powder uses chili flakes, bay, and other roots to make a super effective money-drawing powder. Use it to increase income and overall financial success. 

Also is good for using when someone owes you money. Get them to pay up! 

When used in conjunction with our Fast Luck Powder, or any prosperity oil, it can bring about unexpected gambling and lottery wins, as well. 

1/2oz glass tubes with a tight-fitting cork. 

Settling is a natural occurrence. 

The powders are already quite well-blended, but you may want to shake them around a bit.