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  • Erectile Dysfunction (Penis Hex)

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    Full Name & Date of Birth

    Erectile Dysfunction Candle Work - 

    So - you have a man that you love dearly - but you need to teach his ass a lesson!

    You want, or NEED, them to experience impotency issues when they are trying to hook up with someone else, right?! 

    How do we do that? 

    Well, if you ask the Swamp Witch - she will tell you to give him E.D.

    Miss Sha's Erectile Dysfunction working might be just what the doctor ordered! 

    First, she will hand pour a sexual candle that will represent your love. Then it will be loaded and dressed with the appropriate herbs, minerals, oils and powders to suit the purpose! The candle will then be chanted over and worked. Finally, it will be lit and watched closely for however long the burning takes! 

    Very common working - but usually highly effective! A little peace of mind goes a long way!! 

    To answer a few questions:

    • This working will usually manifest within a week to two weeks. 

    • It generally lasts about 3-4 months. It is NOT permanent.  This is just a basic candle working (much like a setting of lights) with a little extra energy pushed to it.  This is NOT a full working, so please do not expect it to be. 

    • Now, please keep in mind - this IS a HEX of his penis! So you cannot pick and choose . . . if he cannot maintain erection for other women, this also means he CANNOT maintain erection for you. Spirit does not allow us to put stipulations on who. . .only how. So please Do NOT send me messages that you want him to only get hard with you. I am not a miracle worker! Do NOT do this hex unless you are okay with no sex from him for a few months! 


    If you are more interested in keeping your man faithful to you, please see the Keep 'em Faithful listing found HERE.

    For this working, Miss Sha' will need the following: (please email:

    • Photo of the target

    • Full Name & Date of Birth

    • Petition in your own words of what you hope to gain from this working
    • Miss Sha’ does most workings on Saturdays. Your working will be completed within 2-3 weeks (on a Saturday), depending upon how busy she is. She also needs the above necessary information NO later than NOON on Wednesday if you want her to try and fit your work in on the following Saturday. No Exceptions.  

    This working is also available as the Tainted Twat (Found HERE) for a female lover!