Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Drunk on Your Love

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    Just like the song says:

    'The second she walked through the door, I caught a buzz - 

    One taste from your lips knocked me out ...'

    This conjure is designed to keep your man or woman completely and utterly intoxicated by just the thought of you. 

    It puts you in the forefront of their mind 24/7, and they feel nothing but passion, love. 

    A paquette is created with the information you provide, as well as petitions written on your behalf. A few herbs, a little oil (if they are particularly stubborn) - a few chanted words - and viola - the paquette is complete. It is then wrapped and bound with red yarn. 

    Love binding and drawing herbs are added to a special glass that I use for all Love Glass Conjures - along with the paquette. 

    A sweet liquor is then poured, covering the paquette. This is then worked on my altar for about 5 days.   

    After this, the paquette is removed and a red candle is burned. Once it has burned out, the paquette is then buried in my flower garden. 

    Very effective conjure! Are you ready?