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  • DIY - Complete Spiritual Cleansing Kit

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    DIY - Complete Spiritual Cleansing Kit

    New and Improved Cleansing Kit!! 

    Cleansing the spirit is probably the single most important thing that we can do - to help us handle nearly any situation we face.   

    This is the home Do-It-Yourself Kit specifically designed to rid you of what ails ya! But in the comfort of your own home!

    These cleansings will rid you of jinx, curses, evil eye, envy, jealousy, and just plain old bad luck! It will uncross your condition and act as a Road Opener. It's a powerful healing that will wipe the slate clean and will bring about the opportunity for renewal and success. 

    Miss Sha's DIY Kits will come complete with most supplies and all the instructions!

    You will learn how to make a Doll Baby, with your own personal concerns and baptize it for use. 

    You will learn how to consecrate your own Holy Water. 

    You will learn an easy version of powerful blessings that will help spiritually cleanse your life, open the roads before you, and place a blanket of protection around as you move forward. 

    Your kit will include supplies for:

    Instructions for making your own Doll Baby

    Instructions for blessing Holy Water

    Instructions for baptizing the doll baby

    1 Tin of  Miss Sha's Spiritual Cleansing Herbal Blend

    1 - Triple Action Spiritual Cleansing Conjure Candle

    1 - 1/4oz bottle of our Holy Blessing Oil

    1 - 1/4oz bottle of our Road Opener Oil

    1 - 1/4oz bottle of our Gypsy Shield Conjure Oil

    Please email Miss Sha' with any questions you may have.   

    If you prefer, this working is also a Service that Miss Sha' can provide - if you are unable to do so at home. 

    The Conjure working can be found HERE - Miss Sha's 21 Day Cleansing