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  • Candle - Cut & Clear

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    Cut & Clear Fixed Spiritual Candle

    A good Cut & Clear candle is often hard to come by. This candle is designed to help you peacefully, and quickly, separate yourself from a person, place or situation. As humans, when we enter into relationships with nearly anyone, we give up a little piece of ourselves. We get attached, we get addicted, we made bad business choices - whatever the case may be. We have all done it. And it is hard as hell to get rid of those relationships. Even after they are long over, we can still find ourselves attached. 

    This candle will help to severe those strings that keep you attached. A past love that you can't let go of; a former business partner that you no longer see eye to eye with; or even an addiction or bad habit that you need to be rid of.

    The candle is yellow to help you focus, improve visualization, improve memory. It also helps boost your confidence and self esteem - these things are all very important when trying to handle this type of situation. 

    Like all of our candles – it is hand-poured and then hand cleaned by Miss Sha’ after the mold process. At that time, she will dress the candle with a combination of Cut & Clear oil, lemon verbena, ground lemon peel, rosemary and a few other herbs, all blended into a special wax.

    The candle also is adorned with a small charm – a tiny pair of scissors - to help you visualize the tools needed to actually sever the connection - cut that cord!! We recommend removing the charm before you light candle, but some folks do allow it to remain. Just watch it very closely when the string catches fire.  

    Candle is approximately 6" tall x 1" wide

    Suggested use: Focus your intent.  Carve the words: CUT & CLEAR on the side of the candle. Light the candle and say:

    'Cords and contracts that keep you tied

    Shall be severed and denied.

    Those harsh restraints,

    This candle cuts -

    New paths clear as an old door shuts.

    This spell shall cut -

    What I once held dear.

    Darkened doors I shut,

    These things I shall clear,

    Romances gone awry,

    Addictions that cause ill

    Oaths from my naive tongue,

    I live by my own will.'

    Visualize actually taking a pair of scissors and cutting the cord that is dragging you down.  Allow the candle to burn for 15-20 minutes. Then, extinguish it.  You can repeat the process each night until the candle is gone.  Once the candle is completely spent, place the wax in a plastic bag and take it to a dumpster somewhere.