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  • Tealight Candles

    What should this candle do? What are you seeking? If for a specific target, please provide me their name and information.
    Please indicate desired fragrance, or if you are allowing Miss Sha' to choose for you. Please DO NOT ask for some off the wall fragrance, or a blend of strange smells!

    ‘Custom Request’ - Soy Tealights!

    This listing is for a set of custom requested tealights! 

    Tealights come in sets of 6 or 12!

    We know that some folks prefer tealights to other types of candles - or when you need a quick conjure!

    These are great for when you have a specific need but can’t find the right candle.

    As an example: may you LOVE our Psychic Reinforcement oil but need a candle that will help you with the same.  Or maybe you want to give a candle as a gift but have ulterior motives (you shady bitch!!)  *wink*   Like maybe giving your boyfriend or girlfriend a candle that is laced with a little Truth Serum or even Keep ‘em Faithful oil!

    Now – there are a few rules here. 

    KISS – Keep It Stupid Simple! By this, we mean, don’t go crazy with the energies. Pick a single energy: love, money, protection, etc – We cannot make an effective candle that helps you win lottery, bring back your lost love, and bring your blood sugar back down to a normal level.  One idea, one energy.  Understood?

    And don’t go crazy with the fragrance. Keep it simple there, too. 

    These are NOT produced in batches – these are single pours! If you request a crazy fragrance, Miss Sha’ may have to order it – which will add time to your overall wait.

    All candles in the batch need to be the same type - no splitting of the order!

    These candles can take up to 21 days to ship – if she has to order a fragrance or something.

    And – while these are powerful things – they are just CANDLES. These will never take the place of actual working. These candles are designed to help you maintain focus and help keep certain energies around for a bit longer. Do NOT expect miracles when you haven’t done the work!  And if you have done the work – and haven’t seen any results – well, this candle may or may not change things!  Be realistic!!

    Things to know about our soy tealights: 

    • ·         Burn times are approximate. Proper burning of soy candle is listed below.

    • ·         100% All-Natural, Cruelty-Free Soy Candles

    • ·         Blended with some of the highest quality botanicals, herbs and our own personal oils

    • ·         Colors of custom candles will vary wildly – it is whatever spirit directs Miss Sha’ to make!     

    • ·         Soy candles can often ‘frost’ or turn white around the edges. This is common and does not affect the burning or the fragrance of your candle at all.

    >> How to Burn Soy Container Candles - You do NOT burn a soy candle like you would a paraffin candle. Please keep an eye on the tealights as they burn. Occasionally, you will have one overheat and it can melt the plastic container. Please only burn them on a head proof surface. Burn times will be approximate.