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  • Custom Requested Blow Powder

    Tell us what type of blow powder you are looking for:

    Sometimes, ya just need something special. That one-of-a-kind blend that you just can't get anywhere else. 

    Miss Sha' and Mr. Kelly - are at your disposal. 

    Just like the Custom Oil request, only in powder form!

    Let us know your needs and we will combine herbs and resins, and then hand mill them, just for your situation. 

    Now, please understand - just as mentioned about the custom oils, a single powder cannot be created to "fix" everything in your life - so please give this some thought. We cannot effectively create a blow powder for you to get that new job, make your lover more attentive, make folks that owe you money pay up right away, open all the roads before and cross an ex. . . it doesn't work that way! LOL  If you want a powder to help with financial success - look at Crown of Success. If you want to draw new love, look at Attraction and Seduction Powder. Most powders can be used for more than one way. Please keep these custom powders for when you cannot find the powder you have been seeking, or to accompany an oil, but you cannot find a powder. Do not simply willy nilly throw things together.  

    We will work with existing family recipes and tweak as necessary, just for you. Custom blow powders will be blended with only the finest herbal botanicals that we can harvest, source or find - and will be milled in the exact same way that we make our regular powders. We guarantee that they will be 100% organic. No fillers or talc powder are ever added to any of our powders! You can count on that!

    If you are looking for the Custom Oil, click HERE

    Powders will come in a convenient size - approximately 1 oz aluminum tin. 

    *Please allow 2-3 weeks for you custom-blended oil*