Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Louisiana Swamp Witch Doll - Custom Made


    This listing is a for a Custom Made Louisiana Swamp Witch Doll. 

    The doll will be hand made and charged, per your specifications. 

    Miss Sha' will also write out the instructions for waking it up and baptizing as your target. Instructions will also come to help you cleanse it for future targets/uses. 

    Fun fact: Rob Zombie has one of Miss Sha's handmade Swamp Witch dolls! 

    These dolls are made from scavenged and collected items from Miss Sha's property in 12 Mile Bayou, Louisiana. The doll will take 14-21 days to create and charge. Gathering things from the outside world down here in Louisiana means sometimes, things are very damp/wet - and I don't want them to mold or mildew once made! 

    Dolls can be made for:

    • Baneful magick - cursing, hexing, jinxing, chaos
    • Protection - of self, family, customers
    • Love Drawing - for self or others
    • Road Opening - for self or others
    • Healing - for self or others
    • Money Drawing and Luck
    • Business Success

    Please send Miss Sha' the specifics for your request to: