Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch

Custom Made Gris Gris

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Handmade Gris Gris - 

These are available ONLY upon request.

Please reach out to Miss Sha' ( to discuss your needs.

She has handmade gris gris for many years. She was taught a very traditional way, with blending the ingredients and giving each it's own life. She was also taught that gris gris should be quaint, easy to hide on your person and undetectable. For this reason, her gris gris are small - but they are super charged and super packed - they are much more powerful than they appear! They will vary in side, fabric color, decoration. 

If none of the specific condition Gris Gris will suit your needs - this is where you purchase something made specifically for you, 100% unique to your situation.  

Please indicate/explain what you are hoping to remedy with this gris gris in the space provided. 

Please see the additional listing for commonly requested gris gris before purchasing a custom gris gris. You can find those gris gris listed HERE