Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch

Custom Conjure Candle

Please indicate the colors you want: top to bottom. Be sure to READ description!

Made just for you!!

Have a specific need - not something already offered? 

Want a two colored candle?

What about a three colored candle?

Please see details below, in the description, for some things you will need to understand. 

The candle will be created and poured with your specific focused goals in mind. But PLEASE read the description below - so you understand what this means.  

If you are looking for a healing type candle, please click HERE

Some examples:

  • Crown of Success
  • Happy Home
  • Justice or Court Case
  • Pet Blessing 
  • Communication
  • Anything you can think of, we can create a candle for your situation!  

The fine print about candles:

** Now... the comment about 'anything you can think of' - please understand - this means WITHIN reason! A candle is just a candle - it's not a full working. Candles are designed to give extra oomph to a working or boost energies for a working - but they do NOT take the place of a working.  **  A single candle will NOT bring back a lost love, it will NOT make it so your significant other will ONLY have sex with you, it will not provide the ultimate protection in your life.  You will need MORE than just a candle for all these things!

>> Also, please keep in mind - two and three colored candles still needs to be for a single specific purpose. A single candle cannot address two or three completely different areas of your life.  For example, just because you choose a red and green candle does not mean it will address your love life and your prosperity.  It CAN address perhaps bringing you a new love that is wealthy . . . see what I am saying? If you wish to address your love life AND your own prosperity - you will need two separate candles. <<

Most important:  If you do NOT indicate the colors you want, your order may be cancelled, at Miss Sha's discretion. Orders that are refunded are subject to a 10% service fee.  Miss Sha' does not have time to decipher through your details to guess at the color of candle you are expecting.  Just choose what you want!!  If you do not KNOW what colors you need, perhaps you do NOT NEED a multi-colored candle.  You can find single colors here:  SINGLE COLORED CONJURE CANDLE