Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Crucifix/Cross Candle


    Crucifix/Cross Candles –


    These candles are used to enhance your spells/workings. The Crucifix/Cross candle is said to represent the master key – and once lit, it is believed to represent personal mastery and opening of doors, road and opportunities. 


    Miss Sha’ uses these candles protection works, uncrossings and when seeking ancestor guidance. She also uses them for jinxing, cursing and break-up works.


    Like all of her candles, these are hand-poured, cured, cleaned and blessed. 

    Some common uses:

    • White - spiritual practices, marriage, prayer
    • Black - cursing, jinxing, repelling evil
    • Brown - court case, legal matters
    • Green - money draw, prosperity, luck
    • Red - sexual love, passion
    • Blue - healing, uncrossing
    • Yellow - success, wealth
    • Pink - love, sweet romance
    • Orange - road opening, changes