Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Chaos Hexing Kit


    Chaos Hex Curse Kit - 

    This little kit was created to have everything you need within easy reach, in order to send some serious chaos out to someone's life. Got a no-good coworker giving you fits at work?

    How about an ex that you don't want to hurt, but really would like to cause them some chaos?

    Knot spells have been used for centuries - and they are quite perfect for the intent of binding something or someone. This makes them ideal for baneful work - as you can force so much negative energy into them, they are highly effective. 

    Miss Sha' uses a particular Chaos curse - that is simple and yet, so freakin' annoying! 

    This kit will provide you everything you need, in order to send this curse out into the world!

    Kit comes complete with:

    1 - Black Candle

    1 - 1/4oz bottle of our Black Arts Oil

    1 - piece of black yarn

    Complete Chaos Curse instructions & Chant

    Please email Miss Sha' with any questions you may have. 

    If you prefer, this working is also a Service that Miss Sha' can provide - if you are unable to do so at home.  Please email Miss Sha' for details.