Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Cascarilla Powder


    Cascarilla Powder

    Powerful Protection - without even trying! 

    Cascarilla Powder has been used for generations in the south. It's an interesting thing, really.... finely ground or crushed eggshells, and is known also as "Peace Powder". And it is ohhhh so powerful!

    It has long been used in many types of magic - Santeria, Voudou, Folk & Gypsy Magic - but it can easily be used in other types, as well. The powder is most commonly used to sprinkle all around your home to help keep the peace and protect your safe haven. 

    I have known of folks dusting the powder on parts of the body when practicing dark arts or contacting spirits - it would help prevent spiritual possession and act as a shield during psychic work. I, personally, use it in the corners of my home and on window sills. 

    Many Folk Magic practitioners see it well used for drawing veves for Voudou lwa or sigils commonly used in Nordic and other European magicks. They work well for any type of spiritual symbol during a ritual. It can also be used as a floor wash - dissolved in water to create a liquid bath/floor wash. Again, this can be used to draw symbols on floors and windows. 

    Most cascarilla powder is sold as "white" eggshell powder, mixed with chalk and compacted into a little paper cup. However, my family has always used a combination of both white and brown eggs - once crushed and ground, they are blessed with a fairly potent Bayou blessing. Protection herbs and oils are sometimes also added.  

    It can also be added to a gris gris bag, power jar, or medicine bag. 

    Please know that this powder is intended for EXTERNAL USE ONLY! 
    1/2 oz – by volume 
    Contains: Ground Eggshells **Some settling may occur.**