Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch

Conjure Candles - Set of Two

Please specify colors for both candles.

Set of Two Conjure Candles

This particular listing is for those folks that need a pair of candles. A bit of discount is provided when you need two. 

If you need a single candle, please click HERE

If you need a set of six, please click HERE

These candles are all handmade, by Miss Sha’. The color will vary from batch to batch, so please keep this in mind. These are not your ordinary conjure candles.

Miss Sha’ will gladly make any color candle you need, but the most common are:

  • ·         Black: Absorbs negative energy, enhances mediation, enemy work, curses, banishing

  • ·         Red: Strength, Lust, Passion, Psychic Protection, Vitality

  • ·         White: Purification, Protection, Enhancing Spirituality, Cleansing

  • ·         Green: Promotes healing, Growth, Success, Prosperity, Business, Gambling Luck

  • ·         Blue: Healing, Reconciliation, Peaceful Home and Relations, Calming, Summoning

  • ·         Orange: Bold Success, Overcoming Obstacles, Road Opener, Speaking Truth

  • ·         Purple: Personal Power, Dominance Over Others, Contacting Spirits, Heightens Psychic Awareness

  • ·         Yellow: Communications, Enhances Meditation and Clairvoyance, Emotional Health, Positive Thoughts

  • ·         Pink: Sweet Love, Deep and Devotional Love, Self Love, Compassion

The following colors are also available, upon request:

  • ·         Grey: Letting Go, Overcoming Depression, Mourning a Loss

  • ·         Brown: Grounding, Finding Your Center, Pets and Animals

  • ·         Light Blue: Spirituality, Calm Waters, Inspiration

  • ·         Lavender: Paranormal Contact, Meditation to find a Solution, Intuition