Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - Howling Wolf


    For all my fellow Heathens - this Wolf candle is perfect for you!

    As many know, the wolf is a symbol of loyalty, spirit, and strong guardianship. Trusting one's own instincts, they teach us the same - to trust in our own hearts, our own minds and to take control of our own lives. They also teach us hard, but necessary, lessons. 

    Lighting a wolf candle and focusing your intentions upon the wolf as a totem animal, will likely help you focus on a lesson you recently learned. 

    Much like other animal-shaped candles, this candle can be burned to help heal a sick fur-baby.  

    The types of conjure candles can also be used for: 

    • Familiar - Animals
    • Beast Vision
    • Emotional Release
    • Protection - Especially family protection
    • Creating chaos - much like Fenrir devouring the sun
    • Warding of bad luck

    Wolves are excellent for social structure - alpha male or alpha female. Taking charge of situations.

    You will just have to focus your energies, write short prayer or petition, and light that baby! 

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    These are roughly 5" tall.