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  • Setting of Lights - Candle Burning Service

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    Please provide details of this candle burning. Remember, this service is only designed to give a little "push" to what you are wanting - this does NOT replace an actual conjure working.

    (Can take up to 14 days to schedule & perform this service!) 

    Please READ FULL description - understand the service you are choosing. 

    "Miss Sha', will you burn this candle for me?" 

    This listing is for those folks that wish for Miss Sha' to do a candle burning service for them. 

    Sometimes folks are unable to burn candles at home, for a variety of reasons. 

    Never fear, we can do it for you. And it's just as effective! 

    As a part of this service, Miss Sha' will pour your candle. When it is ready, she will bless it and charge it. Once the candle is lit. photos will be provided to you. The candle will burn for a pre-determined amount of time each night, until the candle has burned itself out. This is just like a glass novena setting of lights, except the candle is poured specifically for you, prayers are given, your petition spoken and the candle is lit. 

    **  Please understand - this candle burning DOES NOT use the same level of energies as a full working - this is simply a candle burning for your issue. It should only be utilized to be a little extra push towards your desires. Again, this service does not take the place of a full 5-7 day working!  **

    Choose from a list of the most common requests, or select a custom option. 

    When you select from the list, please use the fill in form to give me the details of your working. If individuals are mentioned, Miss Sha' will need full names and dates of birth. Please send info to her at:

    If you just wish to purchase a Custom Conjure Candle, please click HERE

    If you just wish to purchase a Custom Healing candle, please click HERE

    *Photos are just examples of some of the candle burning services Miss Sha' has done.*

    (Please understand, these services take several days to prepare for, and depending upon how busy her schedule is, it can take up to 14 days to get the working started. If time is important, please reach out to Miss Sha' as soon as you purchase the candle service.)