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  • Setting of Lights - Candle Burning Service

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    Provide details. Service is ONLY designed to give a little "push" - this does NOT replace a working.

    Please READ FULL description - understand the service you are choosing. 

    "Miss Sha', will you burn this candle for me?" 

    This listing is for those folks that wish for Miss Sha' to do a candle burning service for them. 

    Sometimes folks are unable to burn candles at home, for a variety of reasons.  Never fear, Miss Sha’ can do it for you. And it's just as effective! 

    This service is the same as what most practitioners call a “setting of lights” – where they light a glass novena for you and read your petition. That’s great – but Miss Sha' takes her settings of lights a little further. She will hand pour a candle, specifically for your working. When it is ready, she will load it or dress it – again, based upon your order, then bless it and charge it. Once the candle is lit, and your petition and prayers have been spoke, photos will be provided to you. The candle will burn for a pre-determined amount of time each night, until the candle has burned itself out.

    The most common issues are listed in the drop down menu – but Miss Sha’ also understands that sometimes, a CUSTOM request is needed.  If you feel you have need of a CUSTOM light setting, please reach out to her.  (

    And you need to fully understand what these candle burnings are:

    • This is not a full working. This is a setting of lights. Settings of lights are designed to help give magickal work and desires a ‘boost’ or a little extra energy. They will NOT take the place of an actual working or spellcasting.  

    • Also – a setting of lights can only work on so many things. A single candle cannot address two (or more) completely different areas of your life.  >>  For example, just because you choose a little Prosperity for your setting, does not mean that you can also gain open roads or a new love life. It CAN address perhaps bringing you a new love that is wealthy . . . see what I am saying? If you wish to address your love life AND your own prosperity - you will need two separate candles. <<

    When you select from the list, please use the fill in form to give me the details of your working.

    Please email Miss Sha’ the following information:

    • A recent photo of the person we are doing the work for
    • Full name
    • Date of Birth
    • Email to Miss Sha' -
    • Miss Sha’ does most workings on Saturdays. Your working will be completed within 2-3 weeks (on a Saturday) depending upon how busy she is.  She also needs the necessary information no later than noon on Wednesday, if she is to try to fit it in the following Saturday. No exceptions. 
    • If you just wish to purchase a Custom Conjure Candle, please click HERE

    • If you just wish to purchase a Custom Healing candle, please click HERE

    (Please understand, these services take several days to prepare for, and depending upon how busy her schedule is, it can take up to 14 days to get the working started. If time is important, please reach out to Miss Sha' as soon as you purchase the candle service.)

    This is a SERVICE - nothing will be shipped to you! 

    *Photos are just examples of some of the candle burning services Miss Sha' has done.*