Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - Block Buster


    Block Buster Candle –

    This unique candle is designed to help with blockbusting!

    A lot of folks are familiar with Road Openers – as they are the keys to locked doors that imped your journey. A block buster is very similar but is designed more for recurring problems that a regular road opener just cannot overcome. It’s the difference between unlocking a few doors with a set of keys, versus using a chainsaw, an ax and a snow plow to get through obstacles.  They can be overkill – so it’s a good idea to try a Road Opener first – but when that doesn’t quite do it, a block buster may be just the ticket to get you moving forward again!

    Like all of our fixed candles – it is hand-poured, hand cleaned after the mold process. It is then dressed in a mix of 13 herbs and oils for just the right blend of power. It is finally charged and blessed by Miss Sha’ before being packaged and shipped off to you.

    Candle is approximately 6" tall x 1-1/2" wide

    ** If you prefer an undressed candle, Miss Sha' can make your an orange/green dual action candle that you can dress yourself. **