Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - Blessed & Happy Home - Harmony


    Blessed & Happy Home Fixed Harmony Candle

    This candle is perfect when you need find peace and serenity around your home. If you have experienced a lot of negativity or stress at home, arguments, disruption to your sanctuary – this is the candle to burn. Your home should always be your sanctuary.

    This candle will help to recreate an environment that is warm, blessed, inviting. It can be used to help dissolve tension and stress, promote good health and happiness.

    The candle is blue to help instill peace and patience, element of Water. Blue candles tend to carry very gentle, non-confrontational energies, but also very powerful. This color candle can also be very healing.

    Like all of our candles – it is hand-poured and then hand cleaned by Miss Sha’ after the mold process. At that time, she will dress the candle with a combination of Protection and Blessing oils and powders, rosemary and other herbs, blended into a special wax.

    The candle also is adorned with a small charm – a tiny castle or home - to amplify the idea of happy and peaceful home. You ARE the King or Queen of your castle! You can remove the charm before you burn the candle, or burn the candle with the charm still on. 

    Candle is approximately 6" tall x 1" wide

    Suggested use: Focus your intent. Visualize your home being, once again, a place serenity, calm, peaceful. Harmony returns as you think about it.  Feel free to carve names on your candle. Write out your petition, a few words about what stress your are facing, or your fears about the happiness within your home. Think about a blessed and happy home! Place it under the candle or under the plate you set the candle on. Light it up! Allow the candle to burn for 15-20 minutes. Then, extinguish it.  You can repeat the process each night until the candle is gone. Or you can simply light it when you feel the need to banish negativity from your home.  Once the candle is completely spent, throw the wax into your trash receptacle in the home. No need to take it anywhere, you want to keep the energies in the home.