Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - "Baby Mama" Fixed Fertility Candle


    Baby Mama - Fixed Fertility Candle

    This candle was designed out of necessity when Miss Sha’ was asked to create a custom candle that would help facilitate a successful conception.

    Miss Sha' is becoming quite well known for her fertility magick - even those that have been told that they may never conceive again, have sought her out - and with her help, are now proud parents!

    This candle is included in the Fertility Mojo Bag Kit that she offers - which can be found HERE (FERTILITY MOJO)

    The candle has become quite successful, even as a stand alone.  So, it is now offered as a Fixed Conjure Candle in the shop.

    This candle will help to focus your energies in a successful and positive conception. It will help to begin the process of making your womb the perfect desirable environment for new life to begin. Combined with the right attitude and mental health, a healthy body, and good diet - this candle is likely to result in positive manifestation.  

    Like all of our candles – it is hand-poured and then hand cleaned by Miss Sha’ after the mold process. After that, she will dress the candle with a combination of Fertility and Success oils and powders, herbs, blended into a special wax. These herbs are known for their aid in conception. 

    The candle also is adorned with a small charm – a tiny baby buggy - to help you focus on that stork coming to visit you! You can remove the charm before you burn the candle, or burn the candle with the charm still on. 

    Candle is approximately 6" tall x 1" wide

    Suggested use: Focus your intent. Visualize your womb becoming the perfect safe environment for your baby.  Feel free to carve names on your candle. Write out your petition, a few words about what you want (always be realistic!). Place it under the candle or under the plate you set the candle on. Light it up! Allow the candle to burn for 15-20 minutes. Then, extinguish it.  You can repeat the process each night until the candle is gone. Or you can simply light it when you feel the need to focus on a baby. Once the candle is completely spent, keep a small piece of the wax, along with the charm, as a reminder. You can toss the rest of the wax into your trash receptacle in the home. No need to take it anywhere, you want to keep the energies in the home.  

    * Please understand, Miss Sha' cannot medically make it possible for you to conceive. If there are underlying medical conditions that are making it nearly impossible for you to conceive, then this candle work may not be right for you. Some medical conditions can be healed (which Miss Sha' has been fairly successful with), but some things are not possible. Please reach out to her and discuss the matter with her if you have any concerns or questions. **