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  • Break-Up/Destruction of Relationship

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    Please provide names, dates of birth - as much information as possible. Also, please email Miss Sha' photos of the individuals involved at

    Break-Up or Destroy a Relationship Working - 

    (Please keep in mind, this doesn't have to be for a romantic relationship - it can work on business partners, family members, any type of relationship!)

    Sometimes, it becomes almost an obsession - we MUST destroy a relationship

    Sometimes this work is designed to do nothing more than make US feel better. 

    This working is for breaking up or bringing destruction to an existing relationship. 

    It contains all the elements of notorious workings of this nature: bickering, fighting, dishonesty, deception, and lies. 

    It will put all the necessary negative energy in the right place to help manifest destruction and ruin within the relationship. 

    Success has always been great with this working, but sometimes, it can take a bit to manifest. It often starts slow, but will pick up speed as the relationship wears on.  

    This working will take 3-5 days to complete. 

    For this particular working, Miss Sha’ will need:

    • A petition - your words of what you wish to happen. 
    • Full name(s) of the target.
    • Birth Dates of the people involved.
    • Photos (full face showing the eyes).
    • Please email photos to Miss Sha':
    • Miss Sha’ does most workings on Saturdays. Your working will be completed within 2-3 weeks (on a Saturday), depending upon how busy she is. She also needs the above necessary information no later than NOON on Wednesday, if she it to try and fit your working in on the following Saturday. No Exceptions. 
    • This IS a Cursing of the relationship. Do NOT wait around to SEE it manifest. Put the energies out there and then let them be for a while. If this is going to manifest, it could take up to 90 days. Patience!