Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Break Spell Powder


    Break Spell Powder

    STOP a working – dead in its tracks!


    Whether you are in the middle of a working and your intuition says it is going to end badly, or you know that some Witch is doing work against you, this simple little blow powder has the power to STOP that working!


    This plain-looking little powder was designed to be a ‘fire extinguisher’ in your metaphysical workings! 


    When the current batch was created – it did its job… and then some! It, literally, took Mr. Kelly’s breath away – as in he couldn’t breathe – and he had to leave the house for a short period of time.


    It will negate a Witch’s powers. For this reason, Mr. Kelly won’t even allow Miss Sha’ to touch the stuff!


    It takes only a very tiny bit to be highly effective. It has been tried, tested and Witch approved!

    The tiniest amount will stop any working DEAD!


    But – with power this strong . . . we must offer the cautionary statements . . .  use with CARE & CAUTION.

    While it is 100% organic – and none of the ingredients toxic – DO NOT Ingest this stuff! 

    DO NOT Inhale this stuff! DO NOT use inside/conjure area/altar space. It will literally take away magick from these spaces if used near them! 

    When blended together, the ingredients produce a super-fine powder that will be nearly undetectable – but it’s easily airborne! 

    Use only when you need the BIG GUNS!


    Please note – this powder only comes in a small 1 dram vial. Believe me that will be more than enough for a handful of uses!


    1/4oz – glass vial
    Settling is a natural occurrence.


    Use with CAUTION!

    EXTERNAL use only!

    Suggested Use for Break Spell:

    Best way to use Break Spell powder is to place a tiny bit in the palm of your hand (only take a tiny pinch) - go outside (do not use it in the house) - and tell the Universe that all negative workings against you stop NOW and blow the powder to the wind. Then just KNOW. . .feel that all workings against you will stop. Give it three days, and you will be good to go.