Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Black Walnuts


    Black Walnuts for Cleansing Bath

    Black walnuts have a long history of being able to sever ties to another person or expel them from your life. 

    In Southern Conjures, they have become the end-all for relationships that you really need to end. There is no going back after using black walnut. This is because black walnuts are allelopathic, which means that they produce a chemical that oxidizes in soil and prevents certain types of other plants from growing under or near it. Being literal, this is perfect for expelling people from your life. The inside of the walnut is exceptionally protective – so connecting this to the spirit world, you can see why they are great for using in a cleanse.

    For a cleansing bath, be absolutely certain you wish the relationship to end! There will likely be no going back. Take responsibility as a part of the cleansing - understand that you will not be able to ever rekindle any type of relationship with the target of this cleanse. Be certain you understand what you are asking for.

    Walnuts come in a convenient bag of 3 (unshelled).

    Suggested use:

    ** Please keep in mind, these baths were traditionally done in a small metal basin, outside. Black walnuts can stain – so be careful in your nice white tubs! **

    Boil unshelled walnuts in an iron pot for approximately three hours. (Traditionally, six or nine walnuts are used.) Add water as required. Continue the boiling process until you have a very dark or black liquid, about a quart. Add this liquid to a basin or bowl that has the desired bath water temperature that you like. Light a black candle and place it somewhere near where you will be bathing with this water.  Pour the black walnut bath over your head. Recite Psalm 51, if you like, or you may use your own words to help you be free of the constraints of this past relationship.

    When finished, air dry. Gather up some of the used bath water and take it to a crossroads. Throw that water out, over your shoulder. Walk away and don’t look back. You can also throw the water against a tree.