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  • Black Tourmaline - Natural Stone

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    Black Tourmaline - Natural Stone

    Tourmaline is another amazing stone. Also known as Schorl. 

    Tourmaline, especially in its rough, natural form, is ideal for:

    • Clearing
    • Protection
    • Grounding/Calming effects (especially for flighty energies)
    • Clearing blockages
    • Cleansing the aura
    • Removing negativity
    • Alleviating Stress and Anxiety
    • Purifies and detoxifies for the body
    • Dispels electromagnetic smog (cell phones)

    Another stone that Miss Sha' absolutely loves!

    These are raw, rough, natural black tourmaline stones. They are 1-2" in size, each. 

    The smallest piece can have the most amazing effects!