Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Black Salt


    Black Salt – 

    Also known as Witch’s Salt, Sal Negro, and Drive Away Salt.

    Used to remove and repel evil, evil eye, and negativity in any type of magick. It is also quite useful in banishing troublesome folks from your life (include neighbors). Jinx removing. When used in darker magicks, it’s great for cursing an enemy.

    Be careful when purchasing Black Salt, though. Many places now carry a variety of salt that is nothing more than table salt mixed with black food coloring.

    Our gypsy-style recipe includes coarse sea salt, 5 different herbs, solid wood ash – among other proprietary ingredients. It’s all painstakingly hand-blended, and then charged for added protection.

    Some of the more common uses are:

    • ·         Keeping some under your pillow or bed to keep nightmares and unwanted watchers away
    • ·         Sprinkle an unbroken line under doorway or windowsill to keep evil out
    • ·         Add to floor washes to cleanse your home or front walkway
    • ·         Sprinkle around a sacred place to ward off negativity
    • ·         Keep a bit on your person if affected by gossip or bullies, rude coworkers or bad bosses
    • ·         Add it to Hot Foot Recipes, War Water and Rattlesnake Salt for extra oomph
    • ·         Sprinkle in an enemies’ yard or office or where they walk to get them to move away

    1/2oz glass tubes with a tight-fitting cork. 

    Settling is a natural occurrence. 

    The powders are already quite well-blended, but you may want to shake them around a bit.  

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