Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Black Arts Oil


    Black Arts Conjure Oil:

    Also known as: Eye for an Eye Oil

    Our recipe for this well-known hexing oil uses some of the most baneful ingredients used in the Swamp Conjure practice. It's known in many circles as Black Arts Oil and is known to deal destruction, chaos and crossed conditions to your enemies. It's often used for cursing, hexing, summoning (dark entities, as well as the Dead), and other baneful workings. It can also wreak absolute havoc on a business or other relationship - that you wish to fail completely. 

    When I use this oil in dark works, I am always reminded of a poem I once hear somewhere - 

    'Sweet as sugar, hard as ice...hurt me once, I'll kill you twice!'

    I LOVE this oil! 

    Please use with CAUTION. Our formula is definitely intended for External use ONLY - in fact, since sulfur is one of the many ingredients, please use extreme caution if there is a chance you will get this on your skin. 

    Oil comes in convenient size: 1/2 oz glass bottle

    Again - EXTERNAL use ONLY!